A building facade is a crucial external layer of a building. It may be performed out of various materials and it may assume any appearance. What are the functions performed by a building facade? Against appearances it assumes multiple roles simultaneously. Above all, it protects the building against external factors, but is that all? Surely it is not the only function it performs. It directly impacts the way an object looks, whether it is a house, a store, a showroom or an industrial hall. Apart from it, it determines insulation properties and the possibility of maintaining the right temperature.  Thus, we cannot ignore the importance of this element at any point in time.

Protective function

When making a decision regarding the construction of an object, regardless of it being a residential house, a public utility building or an industrial object, we need to look after its proper facade. The key function of a facade is to ensure a protective layer of the building. It constitutes the first, external layer of walls, thus, it is on the so-called first raw. It is the building facade that is mostly exposed to the operations of atmospheric factors, such as sun, wind, rain, snow and even hail. Therefore it is worth for us to select a solution resistant to these factors and, moreover, resistant to mechanical damages. A well-performed facade ought to be secured against corrosion.

Building thermal insulation and insulation function

External building layer directly impacts its thermal comfort inside. The solution we choose will determine the expenditure, including financial ones, that we will need to incur in order to provide heating, air-conditioning and ventilation of the premises. A well-selected and carried out facade ought to cover, apart from the protective layer, also the insulation part constituting the building thermal insulation layer. Ventilated facades are a popular solution in this regard. They are characterized by a ventilation gap which enables free air circulation. Thanks to this we are able to maintain the right, fixed temperature inside the building both in the summer and winter time.

Aesthetic values

A facade is usually what represents the building. It determines the way a given building is represented outside. It is thus worth considering aesthetic values, especially of the front-side facade – the building’s hallmark. There are ample, available possibilities. You may decide to use decorative plaster, raw solutions or modern sandwich panels that imitate various material structures or select a simple, smooth and seamless colour with additions.

Selection of the building facade contractor

The choice of facade contractor is a crucial decision to be made while finishing any construction object. It is worth trusting an experienced company with good reputation for the cooperation to run smoothly and for the facade to be of the highest quality. Company Nowoczesne Elewacje is an experienced producer and contractor of facade systems for company objects. We design and conduct facades for office buildings, stores, service showrooms, pavilions and mobile commercial and food containers etc. If you are interested in any of the above, please fill out the form at https://modernfacade.co.uk/building-facade/ or contact us directly at +48 531 983 230 or at biuro@nowoczesneelewacje.com