Ventilated facades

Ventilated facades are a modern way to create a building facade that is resistant to constantly changing weather conditions, while at the same time providing top-class insulation. With their help, it is possible to prepare functional solutions that at the same time look aesthetically and a stylish (due to the wide choice of panel colours). Ventilated facades designed by us are made of a coated sheet (steel) or composite panel (aluminium), which makes them highly resistant to mechanical damage. We carry out works on both existing buildings and those which are just being constructed, offering the preparation of facades with or without thermal insulation.

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The installation of a ventilated facade on a selected building requires the installation of a specially prepared metal frame, to which individual panels will be attached. Furthermore, it is equally important to prepare a ventilation gap which will allow fresh air to enter and circulate freely. This feature of the facade will be particularly appreciated in summer, as it will enable the removal of hot air, which will keep the building cool. A ventilated facade also provides for the use of thermal insulation, which is placed between the wall of the building and the finished panels, while not disturbing the ventilation gap that must be placed in this construction. Thanks to the use of modern facade panels, the facade is resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and mechanical damage, and in the case of faults, its individual parts can be replaced easily.


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Ventilated facades are modern facades, that primarily allow the walls of a building to “breathe”. The water vapour accumulated in the building penetrates through the walls and insulation – thanks to the ventilation gap – and then evaporates. This solution avoids the accumulation of water, its absorption and possible corrosion caused by it. Ventilated facades use thermal insulation, which cools the walls of the building in summer, while during the colder months it provides continuous thermal protection. In addition to its functionality, such a facade can also have a unique appearance, due to the wide variety of available aluminium composite panels and steel facade panels.

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