Steel facade panels

Facade panels are used in the preparation of the facade of new buildings, as well as those that have existed for some time but need to be modernised. These materials are appreciated for their elegant appearance and high durability. Steel facade panels are made of coated galvanised sheet and can be used to clad walls with a variety of surfaces, including walls made of OSB, wood or composite boards, as well as plastered brick walls. Modern constructions made of facade panels give the building an unusual appearance, in line with the style of architecture of the 21st century. Invisible fastenings, a rich colour palette and straight and repeatable joints will make the building distinguishable from its surroundings.

Steel facade panels with concealed lock

The steel facade panels we manufacture (model K1) have a diagonal lock to hide the panel fastening and ensure the panels are rigid enough in the vertical position. The panel has assembly openings in the upper part through which it is fastened to the supporting structure, another upper panel covers the assembly bolts.

The steel facade panels are made from top quality materials, sheet with a thickness of 0.55 – 1.5 mm or aluminium sheet 1.2 mm. The thickness of the facade panels 25 mm, vertical and horizontal joints 20 mm. Maximum width of 2050 mm.

Kasetony elewacyjne stalowe - Panele z ukrytym zamkiem

Durability and profitability

  • high resistance to damage
  • very long life and low maintenance costs
  • quick and easy installation and removal of the facade.
  • can be used again

Energy efficiency

  • Insulation against excessive heating of the building interior in summer
  • insulation against heat loss in winter
  • Shapes tailored to individual projects
  • Harmonious connections and straight joints
  • modern design through the use of invisible fasteners for facade panels

Advantages of using facade panels

  • ensuring high strength while keeping the low weight of the panels
  • possibility of positioning the facade panels vertically and horizontally makes it easier to install steel facades
  • resistance to weather conditions and reduction of water vapour condensation

The basis for a correct facade finishing in the ventilated system is the correct dimensioning of the building. On the basis of the preliminary dimensioning, we can determine the distribution of the facade panels and flashings. When designing the facade, it is necessary to consider the horizontal and vertical gaps and the location of the finishing flashings for windows, doors, gates and panels. The width and height of the panels depend on the construction material and the thickness and type of metal sheet the panels will be made of. Finishing elements, flashings are made according to drawings and designs provided by the customer.

Steel facade panel – cross-section

Kasetony elewacyjne stalowe - przekr贸j

Vertical and horizontal cross-section

Przekr贸j pionowy i poziomy kasetonu elewacyjnego

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