Social containers

Social containers in the context of the functioning of various companies encompass social premises for employees. Social premises or sanitary-hygienic rooms include, among others, bathrooms with toilets and washbasins, cloakrooms, washrooms and showers, kitchens, dining areas/canteens, cloth-cleaning rooms and even smoking lounges and more and more often appearing chill rooms or game rooms. Generally speaking, these premises are designated for rest and fulfilment of employee needs. Modern social containers are, on the other hand, modular objects suitable for arranging sanitary-hygienic premises as independent buildings or combined with office premises, sale showrooms etc.

Where can social containers be applied?

Our social containers are useful in various branches of industry. Sometimes we build office pavilions which also encompass social containers. Of course, it is a single object with a separated office part and social premises. However, in certain cases social containers are separate objects, i.e. beside or inside other larger objects. Social containers are frequently located in various types of industrial halls and, if there is sufficient space inside the hall and our social container fits perfectly here, whilst in case of lack of available space – we place it next to the hall. Social containers are often placed on construction sites. It is an ideal solution due to their portability, thus, once the construction is completed they may be transferred to another construction site.

How is a social container construed?

The construction of modular buildings, that is, social containers, as the name suggests, is based on standard modules. More specifically, their structure is of modular layout and the ability to combine modules allows for reaching the desired size of an object and thus, the social container is adjusted to the company individual needs. The structure is made of high-quality steel, secured against corrosion. The facade and roof of such object are usually made of sandwich panels. They ensure proper thermal insulation and through this, it is easier to achieve the desired temperature inside the object. Sandwich panels may be arranged in any direction, horizontally, vertically or bias. Furthermore, they may be painted in any colour from the RAL palette of colours thanks to which our social container will obtain its unique appearance.

Social containers
Social containers - Moderne Facade


The price of social containers depends on several factors. These surely include the size of the whole object, its equipment, types of installations and connection as well as finishes. We encourage everyone to fill out the below form based on which we will elaborate the most suitable price offer for you. Please provide as many details as possible within the form. Should you need any additional information, we will be happy to contact you in order to agree on the details.

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    Modular containers from Nowoczesne Elewacje company

    The company Nowoczesne Elewacje is involved in building modular containers made of sandwich panels. We specialize in building social, gastronomy, office and commercial containers. We commence each investment by analysing the needs of a given company, based on which an object project as well as its visualization are elaborated. We provide comprehensive service accompanied by consultation of the right solution selection. If you are interested in building  this type of object, please contact us through the above offer form or directly at +48 531 983 230 or at