Shop containers

When taking a closer look at the development of modern enterprises and expansion of their infrastructure one may notice a growing popularity of the so-called container construction. An excellent example of it is shop containers or commercial pavilions. What does it really mean? The sole term of a container may be associated with transport or storage; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Modern containers are objects which successfully replace brick buildings. They are far more flexible in terms of location possibilities and definitely faster-raised and more economic in maintenance. Shop containers enable the conduct of commercial activity both in small kiosks and store and large sales showrooms.

Shop containers – object characteristics

Conducting stationary commercial activity involves the need to have premises in which our products will be displayed and sold. Modular shop containers are a convenient solution for this. Sandwich panels constitute very good thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to them, maintaining proper temperature both in winter and in summer becomes simple. We do not need to worry about storing products in a store or about thermal comfort of our clients. What is more, shop containers with a casing made of sandwich panels have a modern appearance and enable the making of our object in line with our tastes.

Building shop containers

Construction of shop containers is always preceded by project elaboration which, on the other hand, is based on the analysis of the needs and expectations of an investor. Designing shop containers also encompasses object visualization and it is only completed after the  final approval of the investor. As shop containers are prefabricated objects, both their production and part of assembly are held in controlled conditions of a production plant. Within the agreed term, all components are transported on-site where the container is planned to be located at which point the final assembly of its construction, housing and finishes take place.

Shop containers - ModernFacade

Application in trade

Shop containers, as the name suggests, find their use in running commercial activities. Their size, number of rooms and entrances may be freely modified. Hence, they may constitute single shops as well as whole shopping centres. It all depends on what we need them for.

Sample applications of shop containers

  • food stores
  • the so-called chain stores, popular small shops belonging to a well-known store chain
  • greengrocers
  • florists
  • butcher shops
  • patisseries
  • kiosks
  • souvenir shops


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    Where and how to order a shop container

    Nowoczesne elewacje company offers design and construction of modular shop containers. We are a Polish manufacturer of this type of objects and specialists in the scope of facades in company buildings. We provide a comprehensive and efficient investment realization. Simply contact us through the above form or via telephone at +48 531 983 230. We will advise you, explain the options and offer the most beneficial price.