Sandwich panel containers

Sandwich panel containers more and more frequently replace brick buildings. They are often referred to as portable buildings that do not need to be and usually are not permanently attached to the surface. They fulfil all brick building’s functions with success, carrying a number of additional advantages. As the name suggests, walls and roofs are made of sandwich panels. Modern containers from sandwich panels are used by companies from various industries. Their universality and, at the same time, possibility to design according to individual needs makes them popular among entrepreneurs. In addition, fast realization time and relatively low costs stand behind the rightness of this choice.

How are sandwich panel containers built?

Modern containers from sandwich panels are based on  a load-bearing structure made of high quality steel. This structure is enhanced and secured, among others, against corrosion thanks to which stability and durability are ensured for years. Walls and roofs are made of sandwich panels, distinguished by significantly high thermal insulation. We may choose several types of sandwich panels which differ from one another on account of material from which their core was made. Sandwich panels consist of two external claddings and an insulation layer between them, the so-called core. The core may be made from such materials as polystyrene, polyurethane foam or mineral wool. These materials vary depending on their specific insulation properties and resistance to fire.

Broad application of containers

Office pavilions

Sandwich panel containers are used in almost every industry. They also constitute various types of buildings depending on the needs. They are a perfect solution when it comes to office pavilions as they enable organizing space for employees in accordance with the needs of our company. Sandwich panel containers ensure comfortable working conditions and their appearance and modernity contribute to the cosy climate inside.

Commercial and service pavilions

Applying sandwich panel containers as various types of containers or commercial and service pavilions is a very popular example of their use. This concerns various types of kiosks, shops, florists, so-called grocers, bike showrooms and services, hairdressers etc. These objects look really well and the possibility of creating a container in line with our needs allows for comfortable running of any business.

Restaurant containers

Another common application of this type of objects involves gastronomy pavilions, that is, restaurant containers. It is an excellent example of application of sandwich panel containers. When deciding in favour of this solution we come across two basic possibilities depending on whether  we plan to host our guests inside and run a typical restaurant or perhaps sell fast take-away meals or arrange a so-called restaurant garden in front of the container. All depends on what we wish to achieve. We may design a container from sandwich panels of any size with a designed space for tables for guests inside of it. A popular solution is also the construction of a smaller container with a large opening window and a counter where meals are released outside. Such a solution constitutes a comfortable alternative to food trucks.

Lodges and guardhouses

Portable containers may successfully become the premises for porters, watchmen or guards. They may be designed as outside stand-alone objects, i.e. by an entrance gate to a company or inside a larger object, i.e. industrial hall. It all depends on the way we have organized the flow of individual processes in the company and where such objects are needed. In any case, sandwich panel containers are an ideal solution when it comes to lodges and guardhouses. They may be small objects, i.e. With large opening window thanks to which a porter sees and approves everyone by looking through the window.


Garages are a frequent purpose of building sandwich panel containers. This involves both one and multiple-stand garages. Furthermore, the containers may also be used as a garage area along with a car workshop. Any number of entrance gates may be installed in it, creating repair working stations.

These are some of the most popular examples of applying sandwich panel containers, however, there are endless possibilities of applying these types of containers, limited only by our imagination.

Sandwich panel containers - ModernFacade
Sandwich panel containers
Sandwich panel containers - ModernFacade
Sandwich panel containers - ModernFacade


The construction price of a sandwich panel container depends largely on its size and on potential additional elements. Moreover, the dimension and types of windows and doors as well as the arrangement of space inside an object, i.e. partition walls all have an impact on it. We encourage you to fill out the below form based on which we will elaborate the most suitable price offer for you.

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    Where can I buy sandwich panel containers?

    When deciding about an investment in sandwich panel containers it is worth  remembering that we may choose from two options. We may either order pre-designed containers or adjust their project to our individual requirements. This, however, always involves selecting a company which will build a container for us.

    The company Nowoczesne Elewacje is a producer of sandwich panel containers. We carry out comprehensive investment realization projects. We will be happy to elaborate a project as well as object visualizations according to your requirements. We will assist you in selecting the right solutions. We encourage you to fill out the above offer form or to contact us directly.