Restaurant container

Gastronomy is a specific industry and involves a specific type of activity. It includes large restaurants, dining rooms, canteens, catering, hotel restaurants, chain restaurants, but also all kinds of small food outlets and cafés. Following the type, not every restaurant needs large buildings, space in hotels, shopping malls, etc. Often, to open a small catering facility, we need a small building with adequate facilities, located in a strategic place. It is not possible to build a building everywhere, and even more so, we do not always have the funds for this immediately. The construction of such permanent facilities requires a lot of money, a lot of paperwork and a lot of risks. An excellent alternative, in this case, is restaurant containers. Their function in the gastronomy industry is simply invaluable.

What are restaurant containers?

Restaurant containers, also known as restaurant pavilions, are one of the most popular types of modular pavilions. These are objects made with a modular system, so they can have different sizes, depending on how large a point we want to open. Modern restaurant containers are objects in which we can run a food court, it can be just a stall with a take-away sale or tables outside, or it can be a closed space allowing us to host guests. You can successfully arrange a traditional restaurant in them.

Construction of restaurant containers

The construction of restaurant containers begins with the design stage. The project is based on standard, proven modular solutions that we adapt to the individual needs of the investor. It is obvious, that each type of food court will have partially different needs and requirements. After the investor agrees and accepts the project, we proceed to produce all the necessary elements. When everything is ready, we assemble and finish the restaurant container at the place indicated by the investor.

Our restaurant containers are built from solid steel construction and encased in sandwich panels with a chosen core (polystyrene, polyurethane or mineral wool). They are equipped with doors, windows, if necessary also with external counters and any other additional elements.

Gastronomy Container - Modern Facade
Restaurant Containers - Modern Facade
Modułowy Kontener Gastronomiczny - Nowoczesne Elewacje
Gastronomy Pavilions - Modern Facade

Use and types of food courts

Food courts, that operate successfully in restaurant containers, are all kinds of small restaurants with space for customers and take-aways. The type of cuisine and dishes offered, is of no great importance here, as the restaurant container does not limit this in any way. Fast food outlets, but also traditional cuisine, ice cream parlours, cafés, tea rooms and even wine bars can be found in restaurant containers on a daily basis. They are open all year round or only seasonally.

Examples of food courts run in containers:

  • small restaurants with space for customers,
  • take-away food courts,
  • fast-food restaurants,
  • cafés and tea rooms,
  • ice cream parlours,
  • wineries,
  • doughnut shops.

A well-designed restaurant container will let you run your business comfortably for many years and attract customers. It can always be moved or expanded if necessary.

Modern restaurant container and its advantages

A modern restaurant container is a very universal and flexible solution. It fulfils its function perfectly in terms of providing space for running a business, preparing and serving meals, hosting guests, etc. – Everything depends on how it is designed. Moreover, if we want to change the location of our food court, enlarge it or maybe even re-brand and rebuild it, a restaurant container allows us to do all this. Its modular construction ensures quick assembly, easy expansion and relocation. Taking into account the above advantages, an additional asset is a possibility of selling the container when it is no longer needed. Lack of permanent connection to the ground, quick execution, great influence on the appearance of the facility, relatively low maintenance costs make restaurant containers more and more popular.

Restaurant Container - Modern Facade

Where to buy a restaurant container?

Are you planning to open a food court and wondering where to buy a container to run your business? You are in the right place! Contact us and together we will establish the details and build for you a restaurant container tailored to your needs and specificity of your company. You do not have to worry about anything, we will design, manufacture, deliver and assemble the container at the place indicated by you.

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