Artdruk realization


  • Location: Kobyłka/Warszawa Masovian Voivodeship
  • Industry: Multi-format printing house
  • Object designation: office building with social facilities for the printing house
  • Project assumptions: Modern facade design, obtaining the effect of an open book on the facade
  • Materials: under the structure from aluminium profiles + steel coffer made of 1.00 mm thick sheet
  • Graphic-white colour range (RAL7016 / RAL9010)


The project assumptions were specified in detail by the ordering party. The investor sent us the visualization as well as object projections in the .dwg file. We carried out the draft division of coffers on the facade including the guidelines of the investor. The colours and the division of coffers on the facade were to picture an open book while looking at the left or right corner of the facade.

When we completed the design phase we proceeded to the assembly. First of all we mounted the columnar substructure based on consoles with thermal primers. The subsequent stage was an assembly of flashing, finishing of window and door glyphs. The last stage was an assembly of coffers.

Several years now have passed since the completion of this realization and we have so far had no service submissions or any other signals that the facade is in any way troublesome.

The client satisfaction is reflected in the references he issued for our company.