Portacabin office

Modular construction offers a range of possible solutions for both so-called temporary buildings, but also those used in the long term. One of the excellent examples of using modular construction are portacabin office or otherwise known as office pavilions. These objects can be used to arrange open space office areas, as well as separate areas for individual employees or departments.

What is an portcabin office?

The portcabin office is a self-contained object of modular construction. As the name suggests, it is designed primarily for office and sales positions. Inside it can be an open space or be divided into separate rooms. It is a so-called mobile object, which, even if it is large in size, can be disassembled and transported to another place.

Construction of portcabin office

Modular construction makes it possible to combine modules to obtain the required office space. We build open-space containers and also provide partition walls on request. Thanks to this, we are able to build your company offices exactly as you expect. This will certainly optimise your work and ensure the comfort to the employees.

What is a portcabin office made of? A portcabin office consists primarily of a supporting structure, wall cladding, roof, doors and usually windows. Inside it can have additional partition walls or be one open space. The supporting structure is high-quality steel construction. The cladding is made of sandwich panels, which ensures proper thermal insulation in the building. Elements such as doors, windows, as well as the final appearance and colour of the container depend mainly on the investor’s requirements.

Modular building - Office containers
Portcabin Office - Modern Facade
Portcabin Office - Modern Facade

Portcabin office – why is it worthwhile?

Facilities such as portcabin offices, offer many advantages. They are proven solutions, quick to implement, and can be adapted to individual needs in every respect. The space inside containers can be arranged in any way you like, either as an open-space office or divided into independent office rooms. Portcabin offices have the advantage over permanent structures, and even more so over brick ones, that they can be disassembled, transported and sold at any time if they are no longer needed. Moreover, they can be rebuilt and enlarged if necessary.

Universal portcabin offices and their applications

Virtually every industry requires office premises. Depending on the specifics of the business, the needs for office premises can vary greatly. Modern portcabin offices successfully fulfil their function in exactly the same way as traditional offices. The space inside them can be arranged according to your own needs and requirements. Portcabin offices are perfect as temporary offices but also as permanent ones. They can be used as additional administration and social rooms at various production halls, offices, etc. or on construction sites. They are also suitable for sales offices and rooms for meetings with clients. A popular example of their use is sales offices for flats, which often fulfil their function for a specific period of time.

The most common uses for portcabin offices include:

  • offices for administrative staff,
  • offices for managers and foremen in production halls, etc,
  • sales offices (e.g. flat sales offices),
  • office with social room,
  • lodges and guard houses.

Portcabin offices tailored to your needs

When designing portcabin offices, we focus on adapting the objects to your individual needs, while using proven modular solutions. This allows us to provide you with a high-quality product that meets the needs of your company. For the construction of offices, we use materials of the highest quality based on modern and proven technologies. We design, advise, manufacture, assemble – we ensure comprehensive implementation and individual approach to each client. We carry out standard projects as well as individualised ones with specific requirements.

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