Pavilion containers

Different pavilion containers have gained significant popularity in the sector of office object construction. Their popularity stems from their reliable, modular structure, modern design, fast realization time and optimal costs. They usually constitute small buildings made of steel structures and covered by sandwich boards. What is more, pavilion containers are objects that are not permanently attached to the surface thanks to which they may be moved and, thus, sold. They are distinguished by their wide practical range of use in almost any industry.

Pavilion containers and their application

Applying such objects as modular pavilions, modular containers are possible almost anywhere. Many smaller commercial spots are run in such objects. All sorts of kiosks, small grocery stores, greengrocers, sand alone butchery stores or florist stores are built out of them. Service spots such as hairdressing salons or beauty parlours are a similar case.

Pavilion containers are perfectly suitable for running gastronomy points both by typical restaurants where guests are hosted inside and street food spots serving takeaway orders. They are well-equipped to replace the generally known food trucks and even, they may be deemed as their upgrade, sophisticated form as they cope with fewer restrictions. Pavilion containers may be adjusted both in terms of their size and  their  equipment to all types of counters and gastronomy devices.

One should bear in mind that pavilion, modular containers fulfil a unique role of office premises in various types of economic activity. When it comes to small firms, they may constitute a company seat with offices, chairman’s office, conference room etc. Of course, these types of objects  also include kitchens and sanitary units. If necessary, pavilion containers are located inside larger objects, that is, industrial halls, where they constitute typical separation of an office space i.e. For production managers, masters, frontmen

These are just some examples of applying pavilions and modular containers but methods of their use may easily catch up with our needs and imagination.

Pavilion containers
Pavilion containers


The cost of a pavilion or a modular container depends, to a large extent, on your requirements. The size of a pavilion, the way its facade looks, the number of windows and doors and its possessing additional elements and connections all impact its total cost. We encourage you to fill out the below price offer form. The more details you will give us, the more precise price of pavilion construction we will be able to prepare. If you are not entirely sure what to include in the form don’t worry about it, write to us and we will contact you and agree on the details as well as give you some tips about the solutions worth applying.

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