Modular shops

Modular shops are nothing else than popular shopping pavilions with a modular structure. Their great advantage is their portability, thus, possibility of relocation as they are usually rather small and not permanently attached to the surface. Flexibility of design and significant possibilities of personalization makes modular shops suitable for various purposes. We may gain a modern and original appearance and, additionally, these objects fulfil all standard functions of brick buildings.

Why is it worth it to invest in our modular shops

As mentioned above, modular shops bring their owners multiple benefits They may be adjusted to individual needs already at the design stage both in terms of dimensions, number and size of rooms inside the building, accessories and external appearance. When investing in modular shops we avoid the risk of something going wrong and us incurring losses. Their portability, thus the possibility of partial disassembly and transfer to another location, allows us first of all to change the location of our business at any point in time and, secondly, easily sell an object of this kind.  Modular shops are also much faster to be built than brick buildings while, at the same time, being a lot more cost-effective. The applied materials of the highest quality make these objects exploitable for us for many years to come.

Modular shops
Modular shops - Modern Facade

Application of modular shops

As the name suggests, modular shops are used for running commercial activities. These may be small shops, medium-size stores or even large-surface stores. Their modular construction enables the joining of new modules and obtaining any size of an object. Modular objects perfectly fit the concept of local grocery stores and alcohol shops as well as greengrocers, butcher’s shops, patisseries and bakery shops or florists. Modular shops may also be turned into popular kiosks which are placed by the sidewalks, bus stops and near other strategic locations. They may also accommodate quite large bike showrooms and car showrooms. These are the most frequent examples of the use of this type of objects, however, in reality all possibilities of their application are limited solely by our imagination.


The price of construing a modular shop depends greatly on its designation and thus, the requirements it is to fulfil. Building size determines the price to the largest degree. It substantially impacts the volume of necessary materials and the amount of work devoted to the object completion. Accessories also contribute to its level. In case of such objects as modular shops, their equipment may vary. In some cases these objects may be equipped in, among others, various types of counters and special windows through which products will be released to clients – as, for instance, kiosks. We encourage everyone to fill out the below form based on which we will elaborate the most suitable price offer for you. If we need additional information, we will contact you in order to agree further details.

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    Construction of modular objects with Nowoczesne Elewacje company

    We are experts in company building facades and in construing modular pavilions such as modular shops. Nowoczesne Elewacje is a team of experienced specialists who apply modern technologies and materials of the highest quality. With us, realizing your investment will be smooth and carried out on time. You do not need to worry about anything as in case of any doubts we will advise and help you select the most suitable solutions. In case of any additional questions, we remain at your disposal at +48 531 983 230 or at our email address: If you already know exactly what you need, we encourage you to fill out the above form.