Modular pavilions

Modern modular pavilions are a discovery of recent years and have become popular in almost all industry branches. They often constitute a place of business activity conduct, sometimes forming an additional building that supplements larger buildings. They are used in trade, services, production plants and even in the residential construction sector. Modular pavilions, known also under the name “modular containers”, play the key role above all in conducting economic activity. They are a perfect solution for running stores, restaurants, hairdresser studios and beautician studios or for setting up offices and meeting places with clients. Everything depends on our specific needs and the way our modular pavilion is designed.

What distinguishes modular pavilions?

Modular pavilions are distinguished, most of all, as their name reveals, by their modular layout. What does it really mean? Basically, an object built out of modules and more precisely, its structure consists of repeatable modules. Thanks to this, modular buildings which constitute a standard solution are adjusted to the needs of individual clients also in terms of their dimension and the available space. What else distinguishes modular pavilions? Surely the fact that they are not permanently attached to the surface which makes them movable. Possibility of relocation or even, if necessary, sale is a factor which will definitely stand behind the minimized investment risk.

Building modular pavilions

The process of building modular pavilions themselves starts from establishing the needs of an investor and of a company as well as the existing limitations. Once the requirements to be fulfilled by our modular pavilion have been agreed upon, the stage of designing it commences. We elaborate designs on the basis of modern, proven solutions, whilst adjusting each object to our client’s individual instructions. Visualization of the object we are planning to build is, among others, a result of the project. It ensures a presentation of the target look of the constructed pavilion. After its approval, we begin the production and organization of all elements necessary in order to launch an object. A partially mounted modular pavilion, or rather its elements, are transported to the target site and assembled there, including object finishing work.

Our modular pavilions are built on the basis of a solid steel structure protected against corrosion. Whereas their walls and roofs are most often covered by sandwich boards, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The colour, as well as the boards’ layout orientation, are determined solely by the investor, thanks to which our modular pavilions are so unique.

Modular pavilions
Modular pavilions - Modern Facade


The cost of modular buildings depends for the most part on the size of a given object but also on its accessories and such elements as windows, doors, gates etc. We are unable to define the price of modular pavilions for everyone, therefore, we encourage everyone to fill out the below form based on which we can prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

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