Modular containers

Modern modular construction provides large possibilities in the scope of swift, effective and flexible object construction. What are modular containers in practice? These are, in other words, portable pavilions, often covered with layer panels and based on a solid steel construction. They are built from repeatable modules thanks to which we obtain a well-established construction solution. Modular containers, due to the possibility of being adjusted to individual requirements, are used in almost every branch of industry. Any premises as well as working stations may be arranged inside of them.

Company modular containers

Modular building is known both in residential and industrial construction. However, those companies and, more specifically their owners and employees, appreciate modular containers the most. When we run a company, whether we like it or not, we need some closed space and some premises. Of course, in case of large companies the demand for this is significant and in case of smaller ones – relatively smaller, whilst in case of self-employed persons – it is almost marginal. However, this doesn’t change the fact that  running a business and employing personnel requires organizing their working space. Sometimes we might need modular containers that form office buildings and other times, they will become company headquarters at the same time. They may also be a meeting point with clients or guests as in the case of restaurant containers. The most frequently applied type of containers are containers made of sandwich panels.

Building modular containers

Modular containers give a number of possibilities for creating space related to company functioning. They may easily replace and even support permanent brick buildings. Modern modular containers are a great solution when we wish to raise a building swiftly and in good quality, at relatively low price and if we want to maintain the possibility of future potential relocation of it to another place or even its sale. They are built of steel load-bearing structure, which is appropriately secured against adverse weather conditions, including corrosion. On the other hand, sandwich panels are a popular material applied as wall and roof casing. Their thermal-insulation properties ensure adequate thermal insulation and thus, easy maintenance of the desired temperature inside the premises both in winter and summertime. The construed modular containers may have an open space inside, creating the so-called open space or open sales showroom area, exhibition rooms etc. They may also have separated rooms through the use of partition walls.

Universality and broad application

Due to the possibility of combining modules of construction, modular containers may be adjusted to the needs even in terms of object size. We can build tiny containers such as sanitary rooms or small lodges and guardhouses or large objects that constitute whole complexes of buildings with diverse designation. Thus, modular containers have a broad range of applications in various industries.

Modular containers are used as:

  • office buildings
  • company seats
  • stores and kiosks
  • gastronomy pavilions
  • social containers
  • commercial pavilions
  • garages
Modular containers
Modular containers - Modernfacade


The price of building a modular container is determined by such parameters as size, used materials, interior arrangement of an object, windows, doors etc. At the design stage it is important to identify object designation, however, it does not impact the price to a large degree unless the designation enforces a need to construe additional elements. If you are interested in building this type of object, we encourage you to fill out the below price offer form. The more details you submit, the more exact your individual offer will be.

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