Modular buildings

Modular buildings are, as the name suggests, buildings made out of modules. These modules  concern the structure of an object and its regular, modular layout. We can combine any number of standard modules thanks to which objects with dimensions adjusted to our needs are obtained. Modern modular buildings have already found their use in almost every branch of business, starting with services and trade and ending with production. The fact is that in case of production, they usually are only an enterprise infrastructure component of larger companies. Nevertheless, in case of trade and services they tend to be the only necessary object with a closed area, designated for running a business. Why are modular buildings so appreciated? Surely on account of their universal nature, speed of realization and relocation possibilities.

Modular buildings

What are modular buildings made of?

Modern modular buildings are nothing else than popular modular pavilions, the so-called modular containers. They are based on a modular structure thanks to which a significant portion of their construction and their partial assembly are performed in controlled conditions of production facilities. They are delivered on-site as ready modules where their final assembly takes place. This ensures the highest quality of making while minimizing the risk of something going wrong. Modular buildings are built on the basis of a solid steel structure, appropriately protected against corrosion. Facade and roof of this type of buildings are usually made from sandwich panels. Their properties ensure high thermal insulation, constituting building protection and standing behind its aesthetic values. Sandwich panels are arranged in any direction (vertically, horizontally, bias) and painted in any colour available in RAL palette, thanks to which a unique and modern appearance is achieved depending on the investor’s requirements.

Types of modular buildings and their purpose of use

Modular buildings may be divided mostly on account of their designation. Shopping and commercial pavilions are the most frequently encountered type of modular buildings. All kinds of stores and stores are maintained there, such as local grocery stores and alcohol stores, greengrocer’s, butcher’s, florist shops etc.  hair studios or beauty parlours. Gastronomy pavilions used  for running restaurants and fast food points with takeaway meals are yet another popular type of object.  Such modular buildings are equipped in adequate counters and places for gastronomy equipment, fridges etc. We often come across  offices arranged in modular buildings – the so-called office pavilions. They may constitute separate buildings in which company offices or headquarters may be based and they may be located inside larger objects, such as industrial halls. In such cases they are a good working area for production managers, logistics team, foremen, masters etc.

Modular buildings - Modern Facade


The price of modular buildings depends to a large extent on their designation determined by their size and equipment. The object dimensions, its equipment and all additional elements impact its price. If you are interested in the prices of modular buildings adjusted to your needs, fill out the below form. On this basis, we will prepare an offer for you. If we need additional information, we will contact you in order to agree further details.

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