Modular building

Modular building is a way of building objects from prefabricated modules. It is mainly used in the building of industrial objects and all kinds of temporary containers and pavilions. Moreover, it is gaining increasing popularity in the construction of hotels, schools and even residential houses.

Why has modular construction become so popular? This way of constructing objects is faster and often cheaper, and yet it is on a par with traditional construction methods. At the same time, it can ensure an even higher quality of buildings due to the prefabricated modules, which means, that they are manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions. The fast construction of buildings, the possibility of later expansion, the wide range of applications, customisation, and the use of high-quality materials are just some of the advantages that distinguish modular construction.

Modular building - Office containers

Office containers are ideal for office work and temporary sales. They are used as self-contained offices, residential sales offices, offices in industrial halls, security offices, insurance agencies, administrative premises on construction sites. They are a convenient solution for both temporary and permanent objects.

Modular building - Commercial pavilions

Commercial pavilions or so-called modular containers are designed for commercial activities. They are perfect for grocery shops, bakeries, confectioneries, butchers, florists or kiosks. It is also a perfect solution for temporary shops, such as souvenir shops in tourist resorts, operating only during a specific season.

Modular building - Gastronomy containers

Food court run in catering containers is an excellent alternative to high-budget buildings and rented premises. Our containers are popular for outlets such as restaurants with seats for guests and take-aways, fast food restaurants, pancake shops, doughnut shops, cafés, tea shops or ice cream parlours.

Obiekty Przemysłowe - Nowoczesne Elewacje

Industrial objects built using the modular system are a proven solution for many industries. They are used as production and assembly halls, small warehouses and large storage halls, car workshops, carpentry shops and other craft workshops. They are also successfully used as commercial buildings, sports halls and agricultural halls.