Ventilated elevations appreciate a growing interest. They are characterized by very good thermal insulation and they enable maintaining the right level of humidity which subsequently impacts the durability and thermal comfort inside the building. How does ventilated facade system work? It consists of an insulation layer and external cladding, while a ventilation gap, that is, an air space, is a layer left in between the two above. Thanks to this the wall can “breathe”. What does it mean and what benefits does it bring?

Ventilated facade system

Ventilated facade system is built, as previously mentioned, from an insulated layer and an external cladding. Various materials may be applied as an insulation layer; however, mineral wool works well here (rock or glass). It stands out through its thermal insulation and fire resistance properties. Thanks to this it will be much easier to maintain a fixed temperature inside while at the same time protecting the object against fire.

While selecting ventilation claddings we may choose from a broad range of possibilities, i.e. Fibre cement boards, glass boards, HPL laminates, wooden elements, steel panels or aluminium composite boards. The last two ones appreciate large popularity among the investors and designers of company building facade systems. They are distinguished by large resistance to damages and durability. They are relatively easily maintained clean. They consist of repetitive elements and they may be re-used, even after disassembly from a given object. Furthermore, they provide the objects with a modern design and an aesthetic appearance.

How does ventilated facade system work?

To understand how the system of ventilated facade works one must understand the way it is construed. Thus, we have a layer of insulation material followed by a ventilation gap and an external cladding that ensures resistance to outside factors. This ventilation gap, that is, space between the insulation layer and the external cladding ensures free airflow. It provides “breathing” for the whole wall and adequate air circulation allows for avoiding improper water vapour condensation.

Contractor of ventilated facade systems

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