We all know the so-called food trucks standing by the sidewalks, in the parks or at the festivals, selling food. Some of them serve takeaway dishes while other offer food consumption in the so-called garden nearby. Restaurant pavilions or restaurant containers are an alternative to food trucks. They perform the same function; however, they provide more possibilities and comfort. Of course, food pavilions are only reasonable if we do not intend to serve our food every day  in a different location.

What is a food truck

A food truck is, literally speaking, a vehicle with food. What is it exactly? You may say that it is a re-made large car, van, lorry. It contains a kitchen, or rather, it is equipped in the necessary devices to prepare dishes and store products. Usually, it has a punched window hole that is almost as wide as its trailer and it possesses a counter through which clients are serviced. A characteristic feature of food trucks is a possibility of preparing dishes practically in front of clients. Nothing there is taking place in the back room as there is no back room at all. Everything occurs in a single compartment. Significant mobility is the biggest advantage of this type of solution. Food truck is an ideal solution if we wish to travel and serve our food during various festivals and other events, thus, we need to travel a lot. If, however, we are running our business in one place, a food pavilion will surely be a better solution.

What are food pavilions

Food pavilions are modern modular objects designated for the conduct of gastronomic activity. They provide a lot more possibilities than food trucks. Their size may substantially vary, covering even several rooms along with a back room and social rooms. Even though they cannot be driven like food trucks, they may be relocated to a different location if necessary. Our pavilions are built on the basis of a solid steel structure while their roof as well as their facades are usually made of sandwich panels. Thanks to the applied materials for the construction of a pavilion, it is easy to maintain the desired temperature inside of them both in the summer and wintertime. The number and size of windows are also adjusted to individual requirements thanks to which we may set up a stable container with a large window and a counter for the distribution of meals outside or with an inside area for guests.

What to select?

A food pavilion may be adjusted to individual needs in various details, thanks to which we obtain an area that suits us and that is comfortable for us. Food trucks have limited space but on the other hand, you may travel in them to another location day by day. In fact, both solutions carry a number of benefits and the choice really depends on the circumstances and the specific designation. If we wish to change our location of serving our meals frequently, a food truck will be a better option. On the other hand, if we are planning to run our gastronomy business in one place or change the place but in a longer perspective, a food pavilion will be a much better, more economic and comfortable solution.

Building food pavilions

The construction of a food pavilion should be entrusted to a company that specializes in this regard. Nowoczesne Elewacje is a company involved in construing modular objects such as food pavilions. We provide realization of investment from A to Z. We will design a pavilion for you, present visualization, carry out all necessary elements and mount the whole object at a designated place. If you are interested in building this type of object, we encourage you to fill out the below price offer form, available at https://modernfacade.co.uk/modular-pavilions/ In case of any questions, we remain at your disposal at +48 531 983 230 or at our email address: biuro@nowoczesneelewacje.com