Food pavilions

Food pavilions are becoming increasingly popular as a successful solution for future restaurant owners and, above all, persons running past food spots and takeaway service points. Launching a restaurant, regardless of whether it is a small food spot or an exclusive restaurant is quite a challenge. Apart from a good idea, employing the right personnel and establishing the menu, one must bear in mind the space in which we wish to run our business. We may rent a property in the selected location if it is available. But we may also launch our own food pavilion not being forced to spend a fortune on it, especially if we have some land at our disposal on which we could place our food spot.

What are some characteristic features of a food pavilion?

A food pavilion is an object of modular construction, usually with a steel structure and wall casing and a roof made of sandwich panels. It is known for its flexibility when it comes to arranging it as well as high thermal insulation properties, fast realization time while maintaining optimal costs. As the name suggests, a food pavilion is designated for the conduct of gastronomic activity. These are most frequently gastronomy spots that serve takeaway meals or ones with tables and sitting areas for guests outside the object. In such a case, the food pavilion is partly open from the front and has an in-built counter through which meals are served to clients and through which payments may be made.

Popular examples of food pavilion applications:

  • street gastronomy points
  • fast food restaurants
  • pizza places
  • alternative for food trucks
  • cafes
  • bakeries and patisseries
  • ice cream parlours

Food pavilions for further use

A significant advantage of such food pavilions or gastronomy containers is their portability which means, in this context, a possibility to relocate them. Thus, a gastronomy pavilion may be moved to another location as it is not permanently attached to the surface. Second of all, if we decide to change the scope of operations you can always sell this type of object. Such possibilities always decrease the risk of our investment related to initial activities.

Food pavilions - Modern Facade
Food pavilions


As mentioned above, food pavilions may differ from one another, hence the price is determined by several factors. Surely the size of pavilions matters as well as the arrangement of their interior or additional elements such as doors, windows, roller-blinds, counters etc. If you are interested in purchasing a pavilion we encourage you to fill out the below form. On this basis, we will prepare an individual offer for you, whilst if we need any additional information, we will contact you directly.

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