Facade panels

Facade panels allow for the conduct of facades in all types of buildings. The facade constitutes a crucial element of both houses and buildings designated for economic activity conduct. We apply various types of facade panels thanks to which we ensure fulfilment of two basic facade functions. Modern facade panels, above all, protect the building against external factors such as weather conditions and mechanical damages. Another equally important feature we ensure when assembling facades is the provision of aesthetic values for the benefit of the building.

Facade panels – protection and thermal insulation of a building

The basic role of a building facade is to protect it against possible damages and against deterioration. While mounting facade panels, regardless of whether we are dealing with a house or an office building, we consider their durability and the possibility of using them for many years to come.

Properly selected and mounted facade claddings also impact the building thermal insulation, thus, insulating it. Thanks to this we may easily ensure proper thermal comfort inside the premises.

Aesthetic values – an added value of facade panels

Securing a building is one thing but when finishing a building we strive to achieve its aesthetic appearance as well. Regardless of whether we prefer a modern look or a more traditional one, everything should be as aesthetic and tasteful as we want it to be. Therefore, we apply facade panels that will allow us to create a facade that suits our individual needs.

Facade panels - ModernFacade


How much do facade panels cost? The answer is, of course, it depends. On what? On many factors, such as the area of building walls on which we wish to place facade panels and the type of panels we select. We encourage you to fill out the below form, submit the details of the planned investment. On this basis, we will prepare an offer of production and assembly of facade panels.

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    Solutions for companies offered by Nowoczesne Elewacje

    Company Nowoczesne Elewacje is an experienced producer of facade panels. We specialize in facades for office buildings. We offer steel and aluminium facade panels. We are involved in performing facades on both new buildings and on the existing, old buildings. We provide professional consulting in the scope of selection of facade panels for buildings in which economic activity is conducted. We will prepare a professional project for you and subsequently, conduct and assemble the selected facade panels.

    Facade panels - ModernFacade
    Facade panels