Facade claddings

Facade claddings are generally speaking materials we use to cover the external surface of object walls. What materials are facade claddings made of? The answer to this question is inconclusive. Other materials are used, for instance, in case of house claddings and other ones when it comes to industrial and office building claddings. One thing is for sure, facade claddings must fulfil their basic functions i.e. being an external protective layer and enabling thermal insulation as well as giving the object its unique external appearance.

Facade claddings of office objects

Modern facade claddings in office objects are usually made of steel and aluminium panels or composite panels.  We apply them on account of their properties. They are resistant to mechanical damages, durable and they stand behind an elegant and modern appearance of the objects. We apply them for various types of buildings, both in case of objects with walls made of OSB boards, wood, sandwich panels as we those made of brick.


The price of facade claddings depends on the type and volume of material necessary to perform the whole object facade. Feel free to contact us via the below offer form based on which we will estimate the costs of facade adjusted to the requirements of your building. If you have your object project, floor plans etc., please attach them so we will be able to provide you with a more detailed price quote.

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    Facade claddings made from steel and aluminium boards

    Facade claddings made of steel and aluminium boards are a modern solution that carries a number of benefits. It is characterized by high resistance to unbeneficial external factors, durability and ease of maintenance. What is more, it gives the objects an aesthetic external appearance, adjusted to individual needs in terms of both the colour and the manner of arrangement. This type of facade claddings allows for maintaining the right thermal insulation and, consequently, saves energy necessary to ensure heating and air-conditioning for the object inside.

    Yet another advantage that facade claddings made of steel and aluminium panels provide is the possibility to replace them.  For instance, if one panel is damaged, it may be easily replaced without the necessity to interfere with the whole facade. Apart from this, they may be re-used after their disassembly. We ensure fast assembly and optimal costs in comparison to the quality and properties of the facade.

    Facade claddings - ModernFacade

    Facade claddings producer – Nowoczesne Elewacje

    Company Nowoczesne Elewacje is an experienced producer of facade claddings applied for the coverage of walls in office objects. We produce facades of various types of office buildings, shops, sales showrooms, shopping objects, modular containers etc. We provide professional consulting services concerning the selection of facade claddings, project, completion and assembly of facades. We encourage you to fill out the above offer form or to contact us directly.

    Facade claddings
    Facade claddings