Facade boards

Facade boards are just another name for wall, external facade panels that we apply in order to secure the external building surface. Protective function is not the only function fulfilled by facade boards. They also determine the external appearance of our building. Which facade boards are the most suitable? This question is usually faced by investors ordering the completion of construction objects. Regardless of whether the issue concerns residential buildings, public utility buildings or company and industrial objects, we should always look after their proper facade condition. All sorts of facade boards, including wooden, steel and composite panels, are available on the construction market.

Steel facade boards

Steel facade boards are characterized by significant durability and modern appearance. We apply them on the facades of newly built objects as well as on the facades of the existing buildings. Our steel facade boards are made of galvanized coated steel. Facades from this type of panels are mounted on various types of surfaces, such as OSB board walls, sandwich panels, wooden walls and brick walls. Facade boards made of steel are distinguished by their mounting system which is disguised thanks to which the facade looks both consistently and aesthetically. They may be arranged both vertically and horizontally thanks to which achieving the demanded external appearance is within one’s reach not only in terms of colours but also patterns and arrangement.  Moreover, they are resistant to unbeneficial weather conditions and they will last for many years to come.

Aluminium facade boards

Aluminium facade boards are relatively light and, more importantly, stiff and durable. They enable the execution of a sophisticated facade with perfect properties. Frequently, aluminium panels are made of ventilated facades, that is, they consist of an insulation layer, cladding and a gap in between the two. Application of this type of solution ensures thermal comfort inside a building. Objects with well-performed ventilated facades are easier to heat in winter and easier to cool down in summer. Maintaining a stable temperature level is also not a challenge anymore.

Facade boards made of aluminium, as in the case of steel facade boards, are arranged either vertically or horizontally depending on the investor’s requirements. We paint them in one of the colours from the RAL palette of colours, thanks to which the facade becomes an ornament and a hallmark of the building.

Facade boards
Facade boards - ModernFacade


The price of facade boards depends on the type of boards we select as well as on the area of the facade on which they are to be mounted. We encourage you to fill out the below form and submit as much information about the object and your expectations as you can. Based on such data we will be able to prepare an offer of facade boards for you.

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    Company Nowoczesne Elewacje – producer of facade boards

    We are a Polish producer of aluminium and steel facade boards. We provide facade boards according to the selected parameters. We are also involved in designing and comprehensive execution of facades, including mounting services. Find out more information in other tabs from our website. In case of any questions, we remain at your disposal at +48 531 983 230 or at biuro@nowoczesneelewacje.com.