Composite facade

Composite facade is an external building layer made of composite panels. It stands behind the expected appearance and protection of a building against damages and it provides its thermal insulation. When selecting the system of facades, regardless of whether it will be a composite facade or one made in a different technology, we must pay attention to the applied materials. We should focus on selecting materials that are durable and that form a given appearance of our construction object. Modern composite facades may also have different designs i.e. wood-based or homogenous colour. In case of company buildings, aluminium composite panels with a modern design are an excellent match.

Composite facade from aluminium panels

Modern composite elevation is a perfect solution in case of buildings designated for running economic activity. This refers to all sorts of both small company buildings, office buildings, stores, showrooms etc. as well as large-surface hall objects. Composite facade from aluminium panels is, above all, durable, resistant to mechanical damages and unbeneficial weather conditions. Furthermore, in case the facade is damaged as a result of unpredicted events, all it takes is to replace one panel and not the entire facade.

A significant advantage of this solution is its swift assembly, optimal costs compared to the quality and the possibility of designing the facade to suit one’s expectations. Thanks to this our composite facades stand out in comparison to other facades on account of their modern design and yet, they may remain unnoticed if needs be. The colours of the facade may be selected out of the RAL palette of colours; thus, our choice is quite extensive.

Composite ventilated facade

Composite ventilated facades are a popular and valued solution. What are they? It is a system of facades that consists of an insulation layer and an external coating made of composite panels. An airspace, the so-called ventilation gap, is left in between two layers. Such a solution ensures proper air circulation, preventing the cumulation of water vapour. Thanks to this, we are able to easily maintain the expected temperature and humidity inside the building.

Composite facade - Modernfacade
Composite facade - Modernfacade


Composite facades may vary. Everything depends on the type of materials we select as well as on the size of wall surface on which we are carrying out the facade. The price is also impacted by all additional elements and finishes. To receive the price calculation for composite facade of your building we encourage you to fill out and submit the below price offer form. The more details you provide us with the more precise our offer will be. If we are missing certain important information, we will contact you to agree further details.

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