Commercial containers

Commercial containers, also known under the name commercial pavilions, are modular objects used for trading purposes. On the other hand, commercial activity is a special type of activity that involves a need to arrange for a place of product display. Clients visit such places in order to view the products and only then decide to either buy it or not. Hence, it is crucial for the trading spot to be attractive and assist in displaying the products in the right manner. There are obviously certain exceptions to this rule, where we are not in need of a meeting spot with clients, i.e. Online sale or drop shipping where even warehouse area becomes redundant. Nevertheless, commercial activity remains still strongly connected with stationary shops. Commercial containers thus constitute a solution in this regard which enables organizing a sales spot adjusted to individual needs and one that is both economic and swift realization-wise.

What distinguishes commercial containers?

Modern commercial containers may be distinguished by their modular construction that enables their use on the basis of regular construction modules. Combining them allows for achieving an object of any size. Modular structure facilitates fast assembly. Factory pre-assembled ready-to-install modules are transported to the construction site and assembled there.

Commercial containers are also called mobile objects. What does it mean? It refers more precisely to the fact that they are not permanently attached to the surface and may thus be easily moved elsewhere. It not only gives a possibility of changing the location of conducted activity but it also, if necessary,  enables future sale of the container. Through this, the investment and business activity risk is minimized. Commercial containers are popular enough to be subsequently sold almost effortlessly.

Commercial containers are also known for their original appearance which is their invaluable advantage. Roof and wall coating is usually made of sandwich panels that may be arranged in any direction shaping its unique appearance according to the investor’s preferences. Furthermore, sandwich panels may be painted in any colour from the RAL palette of colours. The above elements contribute to the fact that the construed commercial container will gain a modern look while maintaining company-representing colours.

Commercial containers
Commercial containers - Modern Facade


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    Construction of commercial containers with Nowoczesne Elewacje company

    We build commercial containers and we specialize in building modular objects designated for all types of shops and stores, greengrocers, florists, patisseries, kiosks, smaller and larger sales showrooms. We provide a comprehensive and efficient investment realization. If necessary, our experts will be happy to advise you on the choice of the most optimal solution for your company. We encourage you to fill out the above price offer form or to contact us directly at +48 531 983 230 or at