Commercial pavilions

Trade is a sphere of activity that accompanies every industry. Everything that is produced, processed, created and distributed is ultimately intended to create value for customers and to sell. Whether it is raw materials, semi-finished products, products or services, they have to be presented to customers in a way that leads to a sales transaction. In most cases, every company needs a space where conditions can be provided to achieve this goal. An exception to this may be online selling, which is characterised by the absence of direct contact with the customer.

The place for meetings with potential customers may vary, depending on the industry and the specifics of the company. Commercial pavilions are one of the modern solutions allowing for the presentation of offers and organisation of meetings with the recipients of products and services of the company. They are a functional space for the exposition and sale of products and at the same time they are a showpiece of the company, which should not be forgotten.

Comercial pavilions
Comercial pavilions - Modern Facade

How are commercial pavilions constructed?

Modern commercial pavilions are usually small objects of attractive appearance with space for a shop, kiosk or meeting place with customers. They are modular, which means that they are built from specific modules. Thanks to this, the solution is ready and tested and the assembly is quick. Modular construction allows for building pavilions of different sizes. They can be small objects, but the modules can be combined with each other, creating much larger rooms.

The construction of commercial pavilions is made of steel protected against corrosion. This ensures trouble-free operation of the objects for many years. They can be used only seasonally, but also successfully operate as year-round facilities. Wall and roof cladding is made of sandwich panels, which offer many advantages. First of all, sandwich panels ensure good thermal insulation and the possibility to maintain the required temperature and humidity in the building. This is a very important issue, taking into account the fact, that commercial pavilions are buildings intended for sale, so there are people inside. Commercial pavilions also have doors and windows – sometimes even large shop windows.

Use of commercial pavilions

Commercial pavilions, as the name suggests, are used primarily for commercial purposes. As they can be furnished according to your needs, they are suitable for all industries. It is impossible to enumerate all the possibilities of their use. They can be used for grocery shops, vegetable shops, bakeries, kiosks, all kinds of seasonal shops such as souvenir shops. They are an ideal solution in places where “life” takes place only in the season because if we close them in the off-season, they will not generate large costs.

Examples of the use of commercial pavilions:

  • grocery shops,
  • bakeries and confectioneries,
  • butcher shops,
  • flower shops,
  • kiosks,
  • souvenir shops,
  • bicycle shops.

Pavilions are suitable for all places where there is direct contact with customers and we need to expose products, regardless of their type and industry.

Budowa Pawilonów Handlowych - Nowoczesne Elewacje
Commercial Pavilion - Modern Facade

The commercial pavilion is a showpiece of the company

A commercial pavilion is a place visited by customers, and therefore it is a showpiece of the company. While designing and building a commercial pavilion we must make every effort to make it attractive for the customer and at the same time consistent with the visual identity of the company. Each project that we carry out is based on a thorough analysis of the investor’s needs and subjected to his assessment and acceptance. We ensure an individual approach to each realisation, thanks to which objects of standard modular construction are fully tailored to individual requirements. We take care of both technical and visual issues. We undertake the construction of standard and highly customised objects. Our commercial pavilions will allow you to arrange the interior, ensuring the comfort of work and proper exposure of products and from the outside, they will look professional and eye-catching.


The company Nowoczesne Elewacje is a producer of ventilated facades and modular objects such as commercial pavilions. We comprehensively execute all projects. If you are interested in your own commercial pavilion, we invite you to contact us directly on the phone number +48 531 983 230 and e-mail address or complete the contact form.