Building facade

Building facade is an external surface of the construction object walls. It constitutes the first protective layer of the building, providing it with aesthetic values. In a nutshell, apart from performing a protective function, building facade is its business card. Properly built building facade allows for a smoother maintenance of a cleaner visible external object surface. Apart from that, it also performs a crucial function of ensuring thermal insulation and maintaining thermal comfort inside an object.

Building facade with division into object elements

Each construction object is positioned in a certain space, in a specific manner and possessing necessary elements, such as entrances and windows. Depending on where a given building is positioned towards geographic directions, the facade is either northern, southern, eastern, south-eastern etc.

On the other hand, bearing in mind the elements on individual walls and ones located in the space and in the already existing buildings we may distinguish front, back and side facade.

Building facade - Modernfacade
Building facade

Building facade is designated for the conduct of economic activity

There are many different types of objects  which may be designated for the conduct of economic activity. Starting with small objects designated for offices or small sales showrooms and ending with large-surface halls. They may also be made of various materials, such as standard brick buildings or modular pavilions and steel halls. Regardless of the type of objects we have at our disposal we should keep in mind that the right building facade is always its key feature.

The most popular facades in case of company objects are steel or aluminium facades. They have a number of advantages. They are quickly assembled thanks to which the waiting time for realization of our venture is shorter. If properly secured and made they will function for many years, protecting the building against unbeneficial weather factors and mechanical damages. Moreover, they will give the building its character especially that we can individually adjust them to the investor’s expectations and tastes.


The cost of facade performance in a building is determined by several factors. These include wall surface on which the facade is assembled and material from which it is made. Should you want to receive the price of a building adjusted to your needs, we encourage you to fill out the below form. On its basis, we will prepare an offer for the conduct of a facade for you or contact you in order to discuss further details.

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    Manufacturer of building facades

    Company Nowoczesne Elewacje is an experienced producer of building facades. As the company name suggests, we focus on modernity and comprehensive solutions for our clients. We specialize mainly in facades for buildings designated for the conduct of economic activity. We carry out facades for all types of pavilions and mobile containers, industrial halls as well as brick buildings. It concerns both newly created objects and those already in place, the facades of which require renovation.

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