Modern modular objects are a long-standing and reliable solution with a modular structure for running any sort of business. They already found their use and are much appreciated in the sector of gastronomy. Food pavilions are the best example of it. One may run a broadly-understood gastronomy business in them, starting from small gastronomy points that sell takeaway meals, through points without available rooms for guests but with food gardens, ending with standard restaurants with rooms for guests.

Small gastronomy points

Small gastronomy points with takeaway means or even the so-called food gardens, that is, tables for clients near the pavilion are a perfect solution for the fast start-up of gastronomy businesses without significant financial inputs. A gastronomy pavilion enables organizing inside it a completely equipped kitchen and the necessary connections, just like in a standard building. What is more, such small objects may be placed almost anywhere where we have enough space. They are a good solution for spots near busy sidewalks where passers-by need to grab something and go. As a rule, fast food spots preparing chips, burgers, wraps, kebabs etc. are arranged this way.

Pavilion versus food truck

We all know food trucks very well. They have been quite successful in terms of name recognition and popularity of services and food itself. If, however, we have a permanent place of business conduct in the gastronomy sector, modular pavilions will surely be a much more comfortable solution. A food truck involves substantial limitations, mainly concerning accessible space and necessary connections. Whilst, setting up a pavilion allows us to organize space precisely the way we want it to look. We may arrange a small object with an opening frontal part in which we will store current products and prepare meals and where we will be able to place tables, chairs and umbrellas for guests in front of it. An ideal solution for spring and summer days, while we may serve takeaway meals in colder periods of the year. However, we may also choose a slightly larger pavilion and prepare a room inside for our guests. One must bear in mind that pavilions are not permanently attached to the surface and may thus be easily moved elsewhere.

A restaurant inside a portable pavilion

Food pavilions enable arranging a standard restaurant of the highest quality. Having decided to select proper room dimensions we will be able to arrange a kitchen, a bar and a guest room without any issues. All depends on the size of the restaurant we wish to have and the way we wish to organize it. We surely cannot forget about the sanitary room in this case which may also be designed at the stage of pavilion construction.

Cafes, ice-cream parlours, doughnut parlours –  anything that your heart desires

Modern modular objects are a great solution not only as restaurants and bars serving ready-made dishes. They are often used as cafes, ice-cream parlours,  wineries, bakeries and patisseries or recently popular doughnut parlours. They are perfectly suitable for it. Rather small objects with light construction which, in case of finding a better location, may be easily moved from one place to another.

Where can I buy a food pavilion?

If you are planning a modern food pavilion, you should choose an experienced producer. Company Nowoczesne Elewacje conducts designing and construction of modular objects, that is, pavilions and containers for the food industry. If you are interested in building such an object we encourage you to fill out the price offer form available at In case of any additional questions we remain at your disposal at +48 531 983 230 and at